Pride of Namibia - The Greatest Conservation Story Ever Told

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Pride of Namibia - The Greatest Conservation Story Ever Told

Post by Lisbeth » Fri Jul 10, 2020 3:21 pm

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Namibia has the world's largest cheetah population, a flourishing black rhino population, and an expanding lion population, and a brighter future for its people. Responsible travelers make it all possible. Learn more:

In 1990, a new country was born in southern Africa. Its name comes from a local word, Namib: "land where there is nothing." But today, Namibia is home to one of the greatest wildlife recovery stories the continent has ever known.

Namibia revolutionized wildlife management. Conservation was written into the constitution. And rural communities joined their lands to form conservancies and manage their wildlife for the benefit of the people.

Almost half of the nation is now under conservation management.
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Re: Pride of Namibia - The Greatest Conservation Story Ever Told

Post by Richprins » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:12 pm

Very nice! \O

Much of that was true before 1990 as well! \O
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Re: Pride of Namibia - The Greatest Conservation Story Ever Told

Post by Peter Betts » Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:21 am

Unfortunately unscrupulous Trophy Hunter PH's and their lowlife clients have exterminated ALL the male Desert lions and continue to shoot any lion venturing out of Etosha before the authorities can get there ..Its amazing how money gets the 'authorities' in Namibia to issue a permit in double quick time ..almost as if they contact the PH's knowing full well that Mr Dallas Safari Club has many eager 'clients' ready to blow away any Namibian lion for a few Bob ..most of which lines a few pockets.. I have even reliably heard that lions are even baited out of Etosha ..Every year for the last 7 years 2 x Black Rhinos are Lotteried off at Safari Club International's annual conference in Las Vegas to become heads on a wall in California..Last year there were 9 820 applications willing to pay $ 350 000 a pop for the 'Pleasure'. Rhino Poaching in Etosha especially is burgeoning with Senior 'Conservation' officials and Tribal village headmen fingered and sometimes even caught in the act.

Cheetahs are mown down at the mere sight of them on Private Farm land where a lucky very few of them find their way to facilities to protect them. Every Year nearly 120 000 Seal Pups get clubbed to death at Cape Cross for their pelts in front of their helpless mothers ... Leopards are Over hunted on a massive scale ..chased down and treed by PH's and their clients using packs of Dogs so that the client is able to walk up to the stubby tree and pot the Terrified cat at 5-10 metres. Overseas Hunters are allowed to hunt Sable and Roan out of National Parks like Mahango in Caprivi.

The iconic Rosy Faced Lovebird is 'Legally' trapped in the thousands annually to keep the caged bird trade in S Africa and the world happy and bloated.

Namibia until recently was known as the home of exceptional Kudu Bull Trophies..Unfortunately OVER exploitation has seen to it that the big horn carrying bull Genetics is fast declining and its become harder (Apart from Etosha ) to see these big 57 incher Kudus . but hey as long as Mr Official in Windhoek gets his cut who cares

NAMIBIA IS A CONSERVATION HELL HOLE AND AN EPIC CONSERVATION FAIL ....PERIOD, and these fake news reports only make it worse

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