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Pulling all the stops

Post by H. erectus » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:06 pm

I browse here, I browse there(FB) and
have a dislike browsing at the altar. Also
I do not have a inkling toward research

What really bothers, would be to notice a
very active mandate making use of already
disturbed land within the boundaries of KNP!!

Tented and other accommodation facilities,
rather large scale in context, popping- up all

None of these, including the restaurant failure
can be tied into one greater cause for concern!!

The poaching management becoming somewhat
concerning, funding thereof becoming questionable!!

Fact is why do I witness a greater onslaught in the
sense of securing mass accommodation in areas that
were set aside originally for the purpose of leaving
your vehicle at your own risk!!!??, now becoming
tented sites!!!
Heh,.. H.e

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