Reply from Gareth Morgan DA MP - Wed Nov 02, 2011

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Reply from Gareth Morgan DA MP - Wed Nov 02, 2011

Post by iNdlovu » Mon May 21, 2012 1:31 pm

After seeing the article about calling for SanParks to re-look at their commercialization programme, I sent an eamil to Gareth Morgan to outline our viewpoint on the various issues, here is his response
Dear Mr Page

Thank you for your email. I indeed convinced my ANC colleagues to agree to the committee recommendation to the Department, as printed in parliament last week, that commercialization strategy be reviewed.

Conservation is being underfunded, by quite some margin. Sadly Treasury is dead against increasing funding. I thought a review could tease these issues out, and allow people to make representations. I am not sure how the Department will respond.

It was the hotel issue that made me pursue this issue of commercialization in the committee.

I am well aware of the Aikona group, and speak to Gerhard Smit, the coordinator over email regularly. I am familiar with the points you raise below, and when opportunities arise in parliament I raise them.

I am like you though an ordinary participant in the EIA process, and I have no special status. I have registered as an interested and affected party in the process.

I will ask parliamentary questions on some of the points you raise nevertheless.

Gareth Morgan MP
MA, MSc Environmental Change (Oxford)

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